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Clear, concise and customer centric

Improve your Information BackboneTM

Documents and data - your information - are the backbone of your business.

On one side are the physical documents. This represents paper, manual processes and cost.

We want to automate manual processes to remove the paper & cost.

At the bottom of the backbone, rests all your unstructured data, a high percentage of which you do not need or use.

The aim is to convert that data into business value and create intelligence.

The goal is to move your business into the top right of this document quadrant, where digital workflows create value for your business.

Our 5 step approach

Stratas Data ForgeTM is the platform which enables this change, regardless of the organisation size.

Every organisation is different, which is why spending time getting to know your business and its requirements is crucial.

We ensure you benefit from more efficient workflows  by combining ITIL® and PRINCE2® methodologies at every stage of the journey.

Data ForgeTM