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The challenges and benefits

Why automate your Delivery Note Process?

High costs

  • Manual processing of signed delivery notes can lead to delays in customer payment. Using pre-printed forms can be costly when company information changes and incur high storage costs.

Inadequate controls

  • Lack of visibility of the entire delivery process can lead to late deliveries and, ultimately, late payments or disputes. With a manual paper-driven process, there is great dependency on signed paper delivery notes being returned to head office on time and undamaged.

Low productivity and inefficiency

  • Manual creation, processing and archiving of signed paper delivery notes are all time consuming and error prone. Multiple copies of a delivery note for one order can also lead to lost documents and late delivery.

Poor compliance

  • It is important that delivery data and customer signatures are archived effectively for reporting and retention purposes, as well as for meeting regulatory standards. Also, delivery information should only be accessible by appropriate staff in order to maintain data integrity.

‘76% of organisations have no mobile-enabled business processes’ – AIIM 2012

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The benefits of automation

Reduced costs

  • We can help you to improve your cash flow through automation. Costs associated to pre-printed forms and storage can also be reduced by generating delivery notes on demand and through the electronic archive of proof of deliveries.

Greater control

  • Achieve greater control with full tracking and visibility of customer order deliveries at every stage. A complete end-to-end solution provides full automation and faster proof of delivery for improved cash flow.

Increased productivity and efficiency

  • Delivery notes can be generated faster and accurately for effective customer order deliveries. A seamless process with reduced manual intervention can improve the status tracking of the complete order fulfilment process.

Improved compliance

  • Managed digital archiving of completed delivery notes provides secure access to order delivery information to the appropriate users through user rights management, whilst adhering to your retention and compliance policies.

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The overall result is a reduction in administration costs, a shorter time-to-invoice and a better customer experience.