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Access the key analytics of your business processes through real time performance metrics.

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Analytic information is vital for a company’s economic success and helps detect certain flaws or bottlenecks that need to be improved.

Get the information most interesting to you, such as invoice processing time, sales reports, and more.

It’s possible to receive information on the performance of workflows, including the number of invoices processed each week or month, the average processing time for a workflow, and the number of instances processed by each user.

To save time and maximize the use of the system, re­ports can be preconfigured to generate at set times. Generated reports can then be e-mailed to key personnel automatically.

Because the solution is based on SQL reporting, all types of reports can be generated and customized to fit your needs – giving you full flexibility and freedom.

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With our Business Analytics solution, you can:

  • Generate reports based on index data or workflows
  • Schedule reports to be automatically generated and saved to the system at specified intervals

  • Customise your reports with Microsoft SQL Report Builder

  • Visually tailor reports to fit your company’s look and feel

  • View reports, edit parameters, create ad-hoc reports and save them from the Navigator

  • View and create ad-hoc reports from the Mobile App

Our Business Analytics tool provides flexible and convenient access to your company’s key analytics, anytime and anywhere!