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First Port outsource Inbound and Outbound mail to Stratas

First Port is the UK’s premier property management group, spanning 180,000 homes across 3,700 developments in the residential, retirement, rental and luxury markets. They employ more than 3,000 people, 2,500 of whom work at the developments they manage and bring a uniquely local insight to the job. With 30 years’ experience, their wide range of residential property management services blend national reach with a local, personal and innovative touch for residents and customers alike.

Stratas worked in close partnership with First Port for several years to scope and build the business case for consolidating five national inbound post streams into a single offsite location, providing not only digital mail, but full workflow and electronic document management capability to the business.

First Port then opted for further consolidation by bringing outbound mail into scope and the new shared services facility will handle millions of outgoing documents through a Hybrid mail solution, which includes Post code verification compliance and data cleansing.