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Happy New Year!

We are kicking off 2019 with a recap of the business solutions we provide through Data Forge.

Data Forge is a highly flexible, scalable and integrated platform approach to automating business processes. Allow your organisation to become less reliant upon physical documents by understanding their content and context.

Our solutions

Capture: We stop paper as it enters your business, capturing and extracting relevant data to enable productivity whilst achieving compliance.

Automation: We automate document-based processes such as Accounts Payable, Mail, and Human Resources. We design workflows which route information to the right people in the most efficient manner.

Production: By reducing the infrastructure supporting the production, handling, and retention of documents, we can improve costs and limit risk to the business, creating efficient digital enterprises.

Management: Our information management solutions enable documents to be archived digitally, securely stored and deleted once the legally mandated time has expired. Effectively turn documents into information assets.

Governance: Improve compliance with a single, highly flexible, scalable and integrated data platform. We deliver unparalleled process improvement, user adoption, compliance and cost benefit to companies of any size.

Collaboration: Drive innovation in your business. Collabor8 is an innovative social platform designed by Stratas to allow people, regardless of their geography, to create, share and refine ideas online.

We are looking forward to working together to improve your business processes in 2019.


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