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Change your office culture with a Managed Print Service

Today, businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking to reduce waste and gain efficiencies. Reviewing operations in all areas is key to keeping your organisation competitive, but one element that often gets overlooked is printing.

By working with the right provider you can realise significant savings, whilst also increasing the security of printed documentation. But where do you start?

Here are our recommended steps for improving print and copy practices:

Identifying the quick wins. Do you see any of the following in your organisation:

  • Recycle bins overflowing with unclaimed prints;
  • Single side printing;
  • Unnecessary colour printing; and
  • Accidental printing of excessive pages.

Create a print policy and raise awareness:

  • Print policies can be implemented without the need for user interaction for certain types of document, e.g. set-up printing of emails in mono and double sided; and
  • Alternatively you can inform users about pending print jobs by displaying a popup that details the number of pages, how much colour is being used and even what the cost of the printing the document would be.


  • Let the business know what you want and how it will benefit them. Clear communication is key to getting everyone on board. 


  • Choose your provider wisely and ensure that everyone has the necessary training and knowledge to implement the changes.

When trying to implement a change it is always useful to contact an expert. We can help. Here are some of the ways that our print management software can help you print more efficiently. Don’t just take our word for it though, read what our customers have to say.

Reduce wasteful print

With follow me print, users can no longer send jobs to the printer and then forget about them.

Make economical printing the first thought

Setting economical defaults means people have to actively choose if they want to print colour for example. You can even go a step further with rules so they do not have the option at all.

Document safety at the front of mind

No more pressing print and then running to the nearest machine to be sure that no one has seen your confidential documents. With a fob, card, fingerprint or password required to release documents, you can press print safe in the knowledge that the document will not be released without you being there.

Use the most economical device for each print job

As an audit is conducted before an MPS solution is installed, this ensures that there is the right mix of printers and copiers to meet your needs whilst minimising costs – as much as 30%!

Then you can see the results of your changing office culture with predictable billing

With MPS you can receive a single monthly invoice – no surprise bills. You also have access to reports to view activity by department or user so see where the greatest costs are.