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Fax Board A fax board allows digital photocopiers to also act as fax machines.
File Classification Scheme A system that describes standard categories and that is used to organise records with common characteristics.
File Formats The format of a digital document based upon the extension it was created or saves as e.g. jpg, pdf, tiff, etc.
File Plan A plan or scheme developed by an office, department or organisation to organise and arrange different types of files. See File Classification Scheme.
Finding Aid A tool used by researchers to navigate archives and records collections. The broadest term to cover any description or means of reference made or received by an archives service in the course of establishing administrative or intellectual control over archival material.
Finisher A finisher is an output catch tray, often with an automatic stapler incorporated.
Finishing All operations after printing (i.e. guillotining, folding, binding, etc.).
Finishing Options Ways in which a printed document can be bound. Examples include: Stapling – single point, staple positioning, two point, etc. Hole-Punching – 2-hole, 3-hole, 4-hole, etc.
First Copy Speed This denotes the speed at which a copier can scan and print the first page of a given document.
First copy time Time required from when the start key is pressed to the time the first copy arrives at the exit tray.
Folio Page numbers.
Fonds The whole of the records, regardless of form or medium, organically created and/or accumulated and used by a particular person, family, or corporate body in the course of that creator’s activities and functions. In broad terms, the fonds is the chief archive unit according to archival arrangement that links the creator to a body of records.
Font A set of letters, numbers and symbols that share a unified design. The design (style) is called a typeface.
Freedom of Information Act Requires all public authorities to make certain information available to the public either through regular publication or on request.
FTP File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol used to transfer data from one computer to another through a network such as the Internet.
Function The top or macro level of business activity in an organisation.
Functional Analysis The analysis of business activity into the hierarchical structure of functions, activities and transactions.
Fusing Process used to permanently affix the toner particles to the copy paper. Most commonly, heat and pressure applied by a heat lamp inside two rollers.