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Landscape / Portrait Describes the orientation of the image printed. When landscape the bottom of the image will be parallel to the longest side of the page. Conversely, when printed in portrait, the base of the image will be parallel to the shortest side of the page.
Legal Hold A process that an organisation uses to preserve all forms of relevant information when litigation is reasonably anticipated.
Liability A legal obligation for which a person is responsible.
Linear Review The traditional process of processing documents by manually examining each of them one at a time.
Local Archive Low cost, warehouse style storage used for semi-active and inactive records. See Secondary Storage.
Logical Document Boundary Determination (“LDBD”) Identifying the beginning and end of documents within single files which contain multiple documents, where no features exist to indicate a document break.
Lossy (or Non-Lossy) Compression Lossy and non-lossy are used to describe the digital compression that is used to decrease electronic file size. Lossy compression removes random bits of information from files in order to achieve compression while maintaining a representation of the original. Lossy file formats are used primarily for ease of information sharing such as in the case of web use. Repeated lossy compression and decompression of a file will cause progressive quality loss, while non-lossy compression decreases file size without losing information and is thus more stable for long-term use.