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Titlesort descending
Taxonomies The classification of a document to business process or department.
Taxonomy An intellectual structure which arranges items into groups and subgroups based on predetermined rules.
Thesaurus A thesaurus is a controlled list of terms linked together by semantic, hierarchical, and associative or equivalence relationships. Such a tool acts as a guide to allocating classification terms to individual records.
TIFF Tagged Image File Format. A type of file, which stores an image.
TIFF Stands for “Tagged Image Format” is a standard file format for photographic digital images. TIFF is commonly used for long term storage of digital images.
Toner Plastic-carbon based substance that forms the image on the paper. Toner is part of a mono-component, or dual-component developing system. It has the appearance of a dry powder.
Tracking Creating, capturing and maintaining information about the movement and use of records.
Transaction The smallest unit of business activity.
Transfer The process of moving records as part of their lifecycle.
Transitory Records Any data or information required for only a limited time to ensure the completion of a routine action or the preparation of a subsequent record.
Tray Capacity The tray or bin capacity of any given photocopier refers to how many sheets of blank paper it can store ready for printing.