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The hidden cost of print

Research carried out in our shows that print is an unrecognised and often uncontrolled cost in many organisations. Do you know much you spend on print and copy?

The average organisation may be spending as much as £10,800 per employee each year on printing – even before you add in the cost of using external printing firms.

Many organisations are unaware how much print is costing them or that visible costs represent just 20% of the total. It is why industry experts often refer to “the hidden costs of printing”.

It is also why it makes sense to consider whether you are best placed to manage these invisible costs and how you can avoid wasting time and money.

The costs of printing

  • Visible Hard Costs – e.g. hardware, consumables and maintenance
  • IT Support & Infrastructure – e.g. helpdesk, training and networks
  • Administration & Purchasing – e.g. ordering, billing and supplier management
  • Document Production – e.g. end user time and effort
  • Document Management – e.g. filing, storage and electronic capture]

Adapted from research from ALL Associates Group, Inc 2012

Regular findings from our Enterpise Opportunity Assessment:

  • Over 90% of organisations have no idea how much they spend on print;
  • A business with over 25 different brands among their 93 printers;
  • A housing association was dealing with 10 different suppliers for printers and consumables;
  • A school had stockpiled toners worth almost £7,000 ‘in case they ran out’;
  • An independent school thought they had 39 printers.  In fact they had 89 printers; and
  • Many organisations store toner for obsolete printers.

What is a Managed Print Service (MPS)?

The right mix of printers and copiers to meet  your demands and minimise costs - MPS could reduce your print and copy costs by up to 30%.

  • Software automatically monitors toners, despatched as you need them;
  • Remote monitoring of your device status;
  • Print, copy and imaging consolidated into one monthly cost;
  • Single monthly invoice – no surprise bills; and
  • We can take away old printers and recycle them.