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Truly Open Managed Print.

Imagine the perfect Managed Document Service….

Powerful, yet intuitive and tailored to the services of your organisation.

Clean and simple, yet innovative and more effective than disparate supply chain management.

Increased control without increased hassle.

A platform which works beautifully with devices from any manufacturer and enables a supplier to start to manage your current printing fleet immediately, with little overhead and without the need to change product or tie yourself into a single manufaturer’s product. Elimination of inefficiencies and continual - environmentally conscious - improvement whilst driving cost down. A truly open Managed Document Service…

Data ForgeTM provides just this


Data ForgeTM focuses upon ensuring Managed Document Services are supported easily and effectively as a natural extension to any organisation’s IT service delivery.

Data ForgeTM supports easy integration with virtually every other system, easily adapting to changes as needed to provide a single print management infrastructure. Whilst developed for large organisations and enterprises, it can also be implemented and supported in smaller to medium sized enterprises.

Unlike conventional methods, there is no need to immediately change the supply chain to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. Insight II  can take on the existing printing and imaging fleet, whilst incorporating every aspect of the supply chain.  This means there is no need to immediately replace existing printing and imaging devices to save money. Stratas can fully enable central management of the service through the automation of a seamlessly integrated set of processes which, in turn, reduce operational cost to support an immediate return on investment.

Data ForgeTM has been designed from the ground up with efficient service delivery and service optimisation in mind. It provides full Multi-Brand fleet management with the option to integrate policy based design optimisation including:

  • Change management;
  • Equipment delivery; and
  • Installation and disposal tracking.

The system is built around a scalable architecture which enables estates of any size to be managed and resolved to a single database.

The platform includes simple methods to deploy appliances for small or distributed businesses up to the Enterprise class servers for sophisticated large organisations.

The core Cisco based communication architecture enables real-time monitoring of the estate to a platform. Performance is fast, efficient, and service orientated in providing system availability.