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Digitising the paper path

Deployed in over 1,000 retail sites around the UK, the Stratas C3 solution is a web based scanning, workflow and Electronic Document Management platform, which revolutionises the flow of information between retail/multi-site business units and centralised Head Office functions.

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Hosted within the customer’s environment or securely in the Cloud, C3 is easily deployed, simple to use and an effective solution to reduce cost, improve productivity and deliver compliance.

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The Stratas C3 solution eliminates all cost associated with transporting physical documentation to central locations, along with the overhead related to receiving, opening and distributing this information. Bank slips, till reads, expenses, time sheets, delivery notes, invoices and any other document which is generated or received at a site level.


By removing traditional delivery methods for the transportation of information between sites, Stratas C3  mitigates several points of risk for the business. The C3  solution provides increased reliability and a full audit trail for all business critical documentation.

Cycle Time

The Stratas C3 digital delivery platform reduces the cycle time for key store documents becoming actionable within the business. Information is delivered within minutes, not weeks, directly to the designated central office functions for rapid processing by the business.

Stratas C3 turns information into assets.