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Data discovery, classification & remediation

Gartner found that 80% of all corporate data is unstructured and will grow by 800% in the next five years, meaning the bulk of a company’s information backbone is not easily accessed, understood or utilised.

The majority of this data is deemed ROT (“Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial”) and the cost of managing and storing this information is considerable. This “dark data” also represents a source of risk to the business, for the contents of these documents remains largely unknown.

Remediating ROT will typically remove 70% of the unstructured data in the company, leaving the remainder of the data in a position where it can be catalogued, classified and mined; creating actionable business intelligence and regulatory compliance through Information Governance.

Stratas deploys the Data Forge™ to cluster unstructured data in order to remediate and classify the resulting documents into customer specific taxonomies, based upon their content and context.

Create business intelligence and information assets.

You can then utilise or sanitise the data sets e.g. find and redact specific information or extract information for use in business applications.

“Stratas helped us find all our documents and data. We got rid of what we didn’t need and turned what we kept into business intelligence - easily accessible & utilised.”

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