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Document Capture: Finance/Insurance

Scanning solutions for the finance / insurance sector

The need to heighten security in an evolving digital world has never been more important.

Even supposedly secure systems have been subjected to recent attacks, and the PR and financial implication of such threats are significant.

Our scanning solutions help you tackle these challenges, while streamlining the way you do business.

Be more competitive.

  • By scanning insurance claims forms or invoices directly into back office applications, business workflows can be streamlined – enhancing both efficiency and productivity.

 Reduce risk.

  • Protect against insurance fraud or accidental security breaches.
  • Electronic records are easier to manage and to maintain secure access to – helping you protect against fraud and security breaches.

Maintain compliance.

  • With an increasing quantity of complex regulations, our scanning solutions can ensure you maintain compliance by scanning in the approved PDF/A format.

Reduce your environmental impact.

  • Meet financial and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.
  • Your hard copy footprint can be reduced by scanning and archiving electronically claim forms, certifications, applications forms, invoices etc.

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