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Maximise your Gift Aid revenues

Thousands of charities in the UK have implemented Gift Aid programmes, as a means of increasing their overall funding.

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Yet many struggle to effectively manage the declarations required to receive Gift Aid funding, and concerns about their readiness to undergo an HMRC audit.

  • Stratas Gift Aid solutions are a unique service, developed specifically to meet the needs of Not-for-Profit organisations which have adopted Gift Aid.
  • We enable charities to easily capture, store, and manage the myriads of forms, whilst extracting and referencing key data points that is used to substantiate donors’ Gift Aid declarations.
  • This eliminates the risk of lost or damaged forms, reduces the hassle associated with storage and retrieval of these documents, and simplifies the task of preparing for an audit.

    Stratas has worked with several leading Not-for-Profit organisations in the UK and collaborated with industry and HMRC specialists, to develop a solution uniquely suited to support this critical component of fundraising.

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We help organisations:

  • Maintain proper documentation to support claims and easily produce data to support valid declarations required for an audit;
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that you have protected all the Gift Aid income received over the years and have absolute minimum exposure with HMRC for repayments or penalties; and
  • Uncover missed opportunities by targeting additional Gift Aid money from your supporter database and other fundraising activities.

Save valuable staff time by automating labour-intensive tasks, such as scanning, filing, indexing, storing, and managing documents.