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Removing paper from Human Resources

Human Resource departments must also comply with more stringent regulatory obligations than ever before, in particular those related to the storage and handling of employee records - as well as those with broader business continuity and disaster recovery requirements.

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Like all areas within the modern business, HR face increasing pressure to accomplish more with less.

This includes becoming more efficient when handling employee records and communications, both of which continue to grow at unprecedented rates and contain private information requiring secure storage and careful handling.

Digitising these records has many benefits, from reducing the costs of printing and storing to reclaiming office space filled with filing cabinets holding documents.

Scanned and digital files let you gain access to important information anywhere at any time and protect you against loss or information due to fire or water damage.

From responding to Subject Access Requests to complying with Retention policies, digitising your HR files reduces risk, cost and aids in compliance.

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Automated retention

Each document type has a specific retention schedule. In most cases the retention period is triggered by an employee’s termination date, but some documents have other triggers.

When HR documents are on paper, they all go into a folder, and it is totally impractical to constantly monitor each file and clean out the ones that need to be destroyed.

Frequently, the folders for terminated employees are put in a box and shipped off-site, where nobody is going to rummage through them ever again.

Our HR document management platform allows you to manage each document according to its unique policy. 

The system will automatically trigger the elimination of documents according to policy. 

Our digitsation process