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Invoice processing

Invoice Processing automation dramatically reduces the time it takes to enter data manually and will immediately improve input accuracy. By facilitating mobile payment approvals and providing instant invoice status visibility, you can focus on revenue generation and customer service.

Invoicing processing is a critical activity to keep cash flowing through your business. Stratas offers a complete automated solution to help you meet all your invoice processing challenges - enabling you to focus on your core business.

Reduce the time spent on manual receipt, validation, approval and processing of invoices:

  • Invoices are processed quickly and efficiently – from document scanning right through to archiving;
  • Smart Accounts Payable reporting options put you in control while all errors are flagged for attention; and
  • Invoices can be linked to purchase orders or delivery notes automatically before being sent for mobile authorisation.

‘75% of Finance departments input invoice line items manually into the ERP system’ - RS Consulting

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Validation and approval workflow and allows you to process invoices up to 50% faster.

  • From invoice scanning right through to archiving, invoices are processed quickly, efficiently and automatically.
  • Errors are flagged and invoices are linked to purchase orders and delivery notes before being sent for authorisation, while reporting options put you in control.

‘2/3 of suppliers’ invoices take 10 days or more to be processed’ - RS Consulting

The challenges and benefits

A faster and more cost-effective way to process your invoices: