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PoS and Print Management

Merging disparate services to deliver efficient in-store communication.

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At Stratas, we know that quality communication is dependent upon accessing the right data quickly and ensuring it is delivered efficiently to those who need it.

With many years’ experience delivering just-in-time data and communication solutions, Stratas is able to provide retailers with a bespoke and intuitive end-to-end service when it comes to in-store communication.

A number of companies will look at the data, a number IT organisations will help with publishing this data to in-store printers and a few more will take an interest in how efficient the printer network is.

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Stratas can deliver value at every step in the communication chain

  • Data - we can review, de-duplicate, sense check and help you find the right data - be that price, description or image and ensure it is made available in the right location at the right time;
  • Publishing - we can enable you to publish new content across multiple channels; in-store printers, central printers, electronic shelf edge labels, digital screen networks, mobile devices and across the web in a consistent, brand protected manner; and
  • Printer devices - we can audit all the printer devices across your store network, head office and distribution centres and optimise the infrastructure network to, in most cases, deliver an immediate reduction in costs whilst improving the associated business processes.

Our objective is to meet the needs of retailers to print where and when they want to publish their in-store marketing, via the most appropriate channel.

  • We can provide Head Office with the ability to manage data; proof and publish all POS materials online before publishing it to stores for printing via Stratas optimised devices, or transmission to a print service provider for central print or a range of digital devices.
  • Our solution architects establish where labour intensive tasks at both head office and in-store can be reduced, as well as analysing all print - irrespective of its purpose - to drive further reductions and eliminate wastage.
  • Stratas can combine both proprietary ticketing software with print management software to pin point what is being printed where and help head office manage and control costs across multi-site operations.
  • We provide head office with full visibility of all marketing materials that are created centrally or locally and provide layered permissions and controls via data management and predetermined templates to make sure all messages are on brand.

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Our recent work with UK retailers trading across more than 1,000 stores resulted in a 50% decrease in their spend on print consumables and our on-going work will further reduce man-hours on data capture and management so they can spend more time focusing on their customers and selling more.

“The YMCA implemented printing and scanning solutions from Stratas. These were financed through savings. The printers are fully managed and the C3 scanner portal provides efficient document management and scalable benefits to the retail operations nationally.”

John Duddy
Independent Retail Consultant

  • A national UK supermarket chain has also benefited from Stratas reducing costs on in-store print by 20% and speeding up the process of creating in-store, revenue generating communications.
  • Our team are focused on helping retailers reduce costs across head office, distribution centres and stores by understanding the current processes and developing an improvement road map, based upon the retailer’s needs.
  • This way we can deploy the most appropriate technology, hardware or service to best benefit our retail clients and meet the need to reduce costs and sell more.

“Stratas is focused on not only how we do things, but how we could do things. They have shown us the Art of the Possible and current projects will deliver real benefits and tangible cost savings.”

Gareth Julian
Retail Operations Manager, British Heart Foundation